Coconut oil for acne treatment

Some people know how unpleasant it is to suffer from acne. However, the effective treatment of this condition exists. Acne can be treated by coconut oil. We dedicate this article to the explanation how exactly it happens.

The problem of acne is familiar to many people. Usually teenagers are affected by this condition, but adults can have this problem too. Despite being a medical challenge for many years already, the guaranteed way to get rid of acne has not been found yet. It is believed that some hormone issues cause acne. While it is correct and the symptoms go away or become less visible when the puberty ends, you don’t have to accept acne and simply wait until it stops bothering you, because it may leave some ugly marks on your body or face which will never be removed. Treatment of acne depends on a particular person. Some cope with the problem quickly, but the other can’t find an appropriate treatment, wasting much time and money.

Some doctors recommend people with acne to avoid eating oily foods and anything other with the oil content. It may be correct in terms of all oils except the coconut one. This fact doesn’t have to surprise you because coconut oil is full of useful components especially for the treatment of acne. If you had tried many ways to heal this condition and failed each time, you definitely should try coconut oil. This mean can be the one which helps when all the others fail.

Etiology of acne

akne2As with many other diseases and conditions, the reason for acne is an infection. There are sebum glands in human skin and these glands release oils ensuring the skin stays moist with no cracking or drying. The infection appears in these glands because of the bacteria clogged there. It leads to sebum release obstruction, which, in its turn, causes skin to redden, swell, inflame and even hurt, all those are the main symptoms of acne.

Teenagers are most susceptible to this condition, and it has a definite reason. The reason consists in hormonal alterations occurring in their bodies, resulting in the increased production of sebum. Besides, it also causes their skin to acquire an oily look. However, a slight increase of sebum can’t become the reason for many pimples or painful acne. The main mistake teenagers make is inappropriate usage of lotions and soap. They expect it to remove pimples, but what it really removes is antimicrobial acid, which serves as a guard for skin. At the same time, the secretion of oil continues. As a result, skin becomes unprotected and infections penetrate it. It results in pores being infected from the dirt deposited in the sebum glands. Eventually, skin begins to hurt, becomes red and irritated due to the sebum beneath its surface.

How does coconut oil treat acne?

In this section we would like to explain what coconut oil does to treat the condition of acne. The first and most important aspect here is that the oil contains some nutritional supplements, main functions of which are explained further as the text goes.

Coconut oil is very rich of vitamin E. This vitamin is known for its ability to treat the cause of the problem rather than only its consequences. It results in proper functioning of the sebum glands and healthy skin. What it does is the balancing or hormones fluctuations. This is because vitamin E is one of the substances that can regulate hormones in human body. Usually the sebum gland is very active, but treatment with this type of vitamin helps to reduce its activity.

When it comes to struggling against microbes, there is no superior mean than fatty acids. And coconut oil contains Lauric and Capric fatty acids, both of which are considered to have many antimicrobial characteristics. The practical aspect of their usage consists in the fact that they can substitute those protective layers that are wiped from teenagers’ skin because of their too frequent washing, use of lotions, etc. After application, coconut fatty acids are converted into useful acids for skin. The usefulness of these acids is proved by that they could be found in breast milk. Despite coconut oil should be applied externally on the skin, its internal consumption would be very useful and protective too.

The last but not the least important aspect of acne healing is the reduction of inflammation, and coconut oil is useful for this reason too. When you apply coconut oil, it penetrates the skin and reduces inflammation. If there are some wounds on the skin caused by acne, the usage of coconut oil can heal it too. It is well-known that every aspect is important to heal acne. Improvement of the metabolism rate will balance hormones, resulting in the suppression of acne progression and the repair of the skin. Metabolism rate will be improved by the consumption of coconut oil.

You should know that both internal and external applications of coconut oil are acceptable. As for the internal usage, you can either add the oil to your food or consume it with no additions. Don’t worry, the oil is tasty and you will like it. It would be enough to eat from 2 to 5 tblsp a day for good effect.

How to choose coconut oil?

coconut oilVarious types of coconut oil are present in the market. For example, there are crude and unrefined types. We don’t recommend using those two types for the acne treatment because they may contain some dust that won’t be good to clear your sebum glands. Instead, what we would advise is the usage of refined coconut oil. Although it is pricier than the other types, it would become the flawless and extremely effective mean to heal acne.

You may also wonder how to use coconut oil for acne. Its usage must comply with some rules, so we believe this matter deserves a separate article.


Despite having many benefits, coconut oil would not be as effective on alone as in the combination with other means. This is because coconut oil is believed to be a light-microbial substance. So, to be really successful in your struggle against acne, you will have to opt for some other additional methods of preventive and protective nature. However, this is essential only for those whose acne problem pushed too far. If you encountered not that severe case of acne, coconut oil could become a perfect way to treat the condition.


Healing any disease or condition always depends on a person, in particular, on its age and skin type, lifestyle and profession, hygiene and even what the person eats. Taking those factors in consideration, you should perceive coconut oil as a treatment rather than as a cure.